Unspoiled Monsters


“The problem is:
how can a writer 
successfully combine
within a single form—
say the short story—
all he knows about
every other form
of writing?”
—Truman Capote,
Music for Chameleons

I like the way Capote does it
illuminating all the noir genres

Noir film scripts, noir plays
noir reportage, noir poetry 

Noir novellas, noir novels
a lot like Raymond Chandler

Reclaiming Novel as film noir
making books into movies

Capote had already done
what Richard Brooks created

IN COLD BLOOD already there
book movie Midwestern noir

Way ahead of Seymour Hoffman
and Bennett Miller doing CAPOTE

Using all his genius and abilities
mingled together on same palette 

One simultaneous application
a gamble of genres and techniques

An Unspoiled Monster down deep
inside the middle of Planet Earth

Deeper than diamonds, ruby, gold
film noir born all over again, baby

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