Wednesday, March 13, 2013



“Most writers start simple,
then they become more &
more complex. Then they
have to unlearn everything
they’re acquired. Simplicity
and swiftness: that’s what
I value.”—Truman Capote,
Sacred Monsters, Edmund White

Talk about déjà vu flashback
it was like being resurrected again

The first time I saw the actor
Robert Blake playing Perry Smith

Not just his stunningly clear
physical resemblance to Perry

But the same shifty-eyed look
shock, frustration, helplessness

Reliving that first time in Kansas
seized by a young killer’s goodlooks

I couldn’t accept the idea that
he was just pretending to be Perry

Blake was Perry all over again
yanked from the grave, buck-naked

Seeing what I wrote back then
becoming a living “In Cold Blood”

Not just a novel anymore
But everything coming up again

Each secret little killer detail
rediscovered up there on the screen

Not just imaginary replay but
actual slow motion denouement

Distillation of that  reality
returning more true than ever

Almost too real to be reality
mirrored to haunt me once again

The movie as non-fiction novel
frame by frame by frame

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