A Bio

Mich Gunwell


“Gay people are just like
straight people. But straight
people lie about who they
really are.”—Michael Bronski

Capote was a realist—
the Man with X-Ray Eyes

He portrayed people by what—
he knew they were and did

The reason for Perry Smith—
doing what he did & why

It wasn't done in cold blood—

it be done outta fag jealousy

Something that Str8ts don’t—
wanna recognize or know about

That an ex-con could be gay—
& jealous just like a Str8t could be

Dick and Perry be a married couple—
their honeymoon in a prison cell

Did that make them psychopathic—
like some Topeka psychiatrists say?

Perry be faggy all the way, honey—
Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds & Spades

It be a loaded Str8t deck of cards—
that got played that night in Kansas

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