The Trickster



“Esu is a trickster, critic,
interpreter, translator
messenger of the gods,
and is often pictured
with two mouths and
an erect penis”
—Alden Reimonenq
Hoodoo Headrag

I got off feeling him lose it—
Losing it, oozing it, shooting it really bad

That’s when Esu rode him like a horse—
The Undead rushing in all around us

The Voodoo drums in the cane moonlite—
That’s where I Sucked Off my Zombie

Darby Jones standing there guarding the—
Crossroads nude Carrefour Haitian stud

Jacques Tourneur the director translating—
Carib modern myth into Zombie Love 

Esu took over and became the moment—
Two mouths and his spaz ten inch penis

Voodoo Créole Cajun Hoodoo cums—
Slow sluggish stealthy stillborn Snakehood

Shango Loas jizzing great male power—
Joined by Ogoun and Simba once again

Ifa holy Yoruba text flowing through me—
Dialog of Toxophilus and Philologus

Nothing that is so is ever so again—
That’s the way is, that’s the way it was*

*from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night:

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