Friday, February 8, 2013

Escape from New York Redux 


"Everyone's Coming To New York" is the song being sung at the stage show where Snake first meets Cabbie. The lyrics are as follows: 

Shoot a cop/
With a gun/
The Big Apple is plenty of fun/

Stab a priest/
With a fork/
And you'll spend your vacation in New York/ 

Rob a bank/
Take a truck/
You can get here by stealing a buck/

This is bliss/
It's a lark/
Honey, everyone's coming to New York!/

No more Yankees/
Strike the word from your ears/
Play the roulette/

There's no more opera at the Met/
This is hell/
This is fate/

But now this is your home and it's great/
So rejoice/
Pop a cork
Honey, everyone's coming to New York!

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