Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spider Woman Strikes Back



“I feel like Gale Sondergaard in
The Spider Woman Strikes Back”
—Manuel Puig

Betrayed by Rita Hayworth—
Done in by Miss Hurt in a kimono

How can such politically correct Str8t—
Play a faggy femme fatale?

C’mon honey, gimme a fucking break—
Can you really see Miss Hurt going down?

Giving a blowjob in the Bijou Balcony—
Sloppy slut on a Saturday night?

Does one ever expect a flighty queen—
To butch it up with her weak wrists?

To be muy macho instead of a bitch—
Swishing outta the faggy Men’s Room?

How can Miss Hurt ever hope to be—
Anything but a faux pas faggot?

Only kitschy queens know how to—
Be both chic & disgustingly de rigueur 

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