Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections in a Golden Eye


The Captain stood in the doorway staring at Private Williams. The young man was naked except for his riding boots.

Williams moved about the Major’s kitchen smiling to himself. He poured himself another drink. The best Kentucky bourbon money can buy. He’d become insufferably spoiled by the prissy pampering Capt Penderton.

Then, glancing at the Capt standing there, Ellgee Williams got a mean pouty look on his cruel face and poured some black molasses from a bottle there in the kitchen down over his huge erect dick. Letting the thick brown sticky syrup drool over his dick and then drip lasciviously down onto the floor.

“Take it, Big Daddy,” Ellgee said. “I know ya gotta a big fucking sweet tooth, cocksucker…”

Private Ellgee Williams toasted the Capt, lifting his glass before guzzling it down. In a sudden excess of young masculine vigor, he grabbed his erect veiny  grotesque manhood all sticky with runny black molasses syrup and started jacking himself off.

What a waste of good whiskey the Capt said to himself. 

The Capt grew extremely irritated with Private Williams and the young soldier knew it.

“For Christ’s sake, Williams, go put some clothes on!”

For an answer, Williams hummed a queer little tune and sauntered past the Capt into the living-room. 

Capt Penderton followed close behind him.  “You look like a slut going around the house like this.”

“Capt,” asked the drunk Private Williams, “do officers have gizzards like chickens do?”

The young private smirked at Penderton, pausing a moment to give his sizeable prick an extra stroke or two. 

“Cause you’re so fucking chicken shit, sir…”

Penderton was outraged but what could he do?

“Cluck, cluck,” the young man said, letting Penderton shake his head and stare at it.

A fire was laid in the grate and the youth bent down to light a cigarette. His nice smooth ass was very tight and his muscular legs flexed nervously like one of some thoroughbred horse in the Kentucky Derby.

“You disgust me,” said the Captain.

“Sure and why not, you old prissy?” Williams said with a laugh. “I know what you like. The more disgusting the better.”

The Capt got down on his hands and knees. He crawled over to the young impertinent private with his insolent erect 12” prick. 

The Private leaned back with his elbows resting on the fireplace mantle. He closed his eyes and exhaled  the cigarette slowly downward through his enlarged erect nostrils. Past his erect nipples down to his pubes.

The Capt looked up at the muscular stud looming over him by the fireplace. He couldn’t help himself. He was addicted to the kid and his huge horsy dick. 

“Suck it,” the young insolent private said.

The Capt suddenly got the look on his face of a man who had just suffered a slap in the face. He felt totally and completely insulted. But he’d got used to it and wanted some more of it.

Before the bright orange and gold of the fire, the naked young horseman looked simply magnificent. His shoulders and collar bone were perfectly straight. The rest of him was bent upward like his curving proud penis.

The Private had the build of young 20-year old athlete, controlled and disciplined by several years of working at the Stables. His animal nature made him good working with horses. And he was good at fucking the Captain’s needy cunt mouth too…

Though he stood quite still and placid by the fire, his body had the subtle quality of a trembling and nervous thoroughbred stud and the Major could feel that nervous male energy when he glommed down onto the kid’s greenish sheeny big dick head… 

Sliding back the pale foreskin so he could taste the awful-tasting stinking male dick-cheese hiding there that simply drove him mad. 

The kid’s greenish peacock-proud prick head was like a tightly wrinkled pouty-pink rosebud that suddenly fucking bloomed and exploded as it pealed back spastically ejaculating. 

The Capt’s demanding greedy tongue-tip got to be greedy weaseling its inquisitive way down under the Private’s secret inner sanctum tight Foreskin smeared all cheesy and tangy with Smegma and awful-tasting shuddering sullen Sin.

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