Reflections in a Golden Eye



Private Ellgee Williams was extremely hung—he was young, hung and dumb. Young, hung, dumb—and horsy. Just Capt Penderton’s type.

Ellgee Williams had everything Capt Penderton wanted. The pure young quality of animal intelligence—without any of the gentlemanly hesitations and polite denials that an officer like Penderton suffered from. 

Unfortunately Williams was untouchable—not because he was an enlisted man but because he was hopelessly heterosexual. A hopelessly unbridgeable gulf for what the Capt had in mind.

Private Williams was the worst kind of male to fall for—because such a love couldn’t be reciprocated. Not that that made any difference to Private Williams—he could easily yawn and act out the role of rough trade.

The Capt had encountered Private Williams many times in the late afternoon before mess call—lounging on a bench under the trees there in the enlisted barracks. Seemingly cruising with a large quite visible boner in his khaki fatigues. 

Unfortunately Capt Penderton couldn’t do anything but stare at the kid and keep walking by—pretending he wasn’t ogling his eyeballs out. 

Capt Pendleton’s honeymoon had been a complete sham—leaving Lenora unsatisfied and completely puzzled. Soon after that she started catting around—finding pleasure in other more willing male suitors.

Lenora’s sexual impulses always found a way to satisfy her—Major Morris being her latest lover. After horseback riding in the afternoon and much laughter—they satisfied their urges for outdoor sex in the woods outside the base.

Both Morris and Lenora were unhappily married—their marriage partners as cold and submerged as frigid  icebergs. 

Allison, Morris’ wife, hated him and depended on her gay Filipino houseboy to take care of her and comfort her after losing her baby daughter. Anacleto was flamboyant, artistic—the perfect nurse for her unstable neurotic nervousness.

Major Morris was a stupid mindless brute who didn’t love her and despised the little faggot nelly Anacleto for his close relationship with his neurotic wife. 

Major Morris and Lenora got along just fine though—sometimes a lack of intelligence was a blessing. But Capt Penderton had nobody really—except a peacetime army officer’s cool austere discipline and aloofness to keep him company. Posing as a calm ROTC instructor—to his classes of young naïve second lieutenants, lecturing on Rommel and Patton. 

Captain Penderton always seemed poised at the edge of some battle that never took place—while the real struggles were going on constantly inside his heart. For the heart is a lonely hunter—and there are no Purple Hearts for unrequited love.

But all that was far removed from reality—the reality of the closeted lover who can’t give or receive what he wants and desires. 

There was no escape for Capt Penderton—Lenora even asleep and not trying could get what Capt Penderton wanted. She attracted it like honey or sugar to flies. 

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