Reflections in a Golden Eye


Afterwards, Major Pendleton paused looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. His blowjobs with the impetuous moody private had been taking a toll on him.

He was thinking of getting a facelift done. He was only 35 but already his face was showing the ravages of leading the life of a Southern Gothic Closet-Case Queen getting it on the wrong side of the tracks. 

Fraternization between the Officer Class and the Enlisted Peons was strictly forbidden. Faggoty familiarization was simply unthinkable. TOTALLY UNACCEPTIBLE. 

The Rule was simple: “Don’t Suck, Don’t Fuck.” 

The Major’s relationship with private Williams was very stressful and demeaning. The young handsome Stud had given protocol a more liplike sneer and turned it upside down.

And the precocious private’s wads weren’t exactly gifts from the Seminal Fountain of Youth either. 
Rather than having a Fountain of Youth lovely Beauty Crème effect on the nervous Capt Penderton’s disposition, rejuvenating his skin and complexion—the Private’s juicy jizz wads were aging him quickly.

The Capt had baggy bruised rings under his eyes. That’s why he was contemplating a facelift. But he was much too embarrassed to request such surgery from a Military hospital. Such effeminate vanity would surely be frowned at as less than manly. After all, what would General Patton say?

The Capt’s face had developer a rather habitual tense look about it. And a tic had developed in the muscles of his right eye. Probably from too many of Private William’s gushing, squirting facial shots lobbing luridly into the Capt’s ogling eyeball. 

This spasmodic twitching of his eyelid gave the Major a strangely pained paralyzed expression. Like that of a somewhat nervously nelly confused catatonic Cocksucker with creepy cockroaches scuttling around down there in her twisted panties.

Capt Penderton lately had been in constant state of nervous agitation as his preoccupation with Private Williams grew like some horrible communicable  Venereal Disease. He stalked the young handsome enlistee around his barracks and pestered him in the stables where the young man m assigned. 

His annoyance with himself had turned deeper and deeper into closeted sense of pensive self-hatred and now it had become a truly sick diseased obsession. How could this logically happen to him? 

A strange gay reverie had possessed him. He was no longer a Captain in the Army. He’d become or wanted to become somebody else. He was ho longer a proud West Point officer graduate. Destined to become a famous Army General in the fine military tradition of Grant, Patton or Rommel. 

Something had happened to Penderton. His mind and ambitions had mysteriously abandoned him and now he found himself down in the lowly gutter.  He was totally and completely disgusted with himself.

Now Penderton wanted to be totally Somebody else.

He wanted to be Private Penderton instead of Capt Pendleton with all the tiresome baggage of being a haughty above-it-all Army officer. And suddenly those words unbidden to his tongue became his new Name. Private Penderton…

Surely such a fantasy had been engendered—aroused in him by his perverse intake of so much of Private Williams’ succulent cum. The sinister so very tart awful tasting semenosity of the stupid dull ignorant enlisted animal underclass. 

The image of private Williams had aggressively taken over his dreams every night as well as his daytime fantasies. His lectures grew incomprehensibly distracted by his inability to concentrate on tactics and strategy.

The irresponsible sexual shenanigans of the arrogant private had begun to overshadow everything. Until the Capt had actually in his twisted mind become the young Private Ellgee Williams—especially the excessively engorged horsy penis of the well-endowed young hung sullen enlisted man.

The Capt had wanted it so bad—that in the end he’d finally become the not so pretty Private’s Penis.  It wasn’t a very pretty sight—the distraught Capt Pendleton with that dick-crazed look in his face.  The beginning signs of his new low-IQ dull stupid hare-lipped young private existence.

Ironically, the Private had been secretly and seductively slowly seminally promoted to the esteemed status of the Officers Club. 

Or was it that the Capt had been severely demoted to the lowly Enlisted Barracks? Reduced to nothing but a young Proud Private Peacock’s Precocious Prick?

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