Monday, December 24, 2012



“I needed more
space and freedom”
—Manuel Puig 

The plight of a gay moviegoer like me—
Comparing myself to Rita Hayworth

Falling in love with Tyrone Power and—
Rex Downing as yummy chicken matador

Nude except for a cape late at night—
Teenager under the full Spanish moon

Playing Tyrone as impetuous youth—
Ambitious to become rich famous matador

Falling in love with both of them—
Tempting me watching “Blood and Sand”

Wanting Tyrone like Rita Hayworth did—
Hambone young stud of male infidelities

Betrayal by young macho androgyny—
Desiring to suck him off in the bullring

“Blood and Sperm” pulling me in many—
Different directions both real & fantastic

Setting up my insatiable obsessions—
Tyrone Power simply hung like a fierce bull


“His pleasure lay
not behind but in
front of the screen”
—Suzanne Jill Levine  
“The Betrayal of Rita Hayworth”
The Subversive Muse

Being gay is like being Rita Hayworth—
She always betrays the one she loves

Not just the pop culture of Hollywood—
But also betraying herself for being gay

Being gay won’t get you an Oscar—
No Academy Award will be in the wings

You’ll become a betraying subject—
Like “Toto” in Betrayal of Rita Hayworth

Realizing that one betrays oneself—
Closeting oneself with DOMA and DADT

Such an Inarticulate Muse betrays oneself—
The betrayal deeper than Blood and Sand

Betraying oneself by being in the closet—
Is just asking to be gored by the bull


Being gay can be described as—
A Faggy Frankensteinian Textuality

Composed of many Closetries and—
Leftover Lost and Found Clowneries

Gays are undergoing many changes—
Metonymies are metamorphosing

Mistakes and misunderstandings—
Can’t be avoided during Diaspora

Exposing the frail Artifice of—
Boring Straight Representation

A tacky putrid Puppet Show—
Velázquez dwarfs & Hetero Freaks

Gay Baroque critique obliterates—
Imposed Straight Signifiers

Replacing it with another—
Chain of gay signifiers instead

Ending up circumscribing—
The missing gay signifiers for us

Tracing an orbit around it—
An orbit of radical metonymy

Metonymic displacements—
From one image to the next

Translating the text not as—
Straight explanation but rather

Into a baroque, fragmented— 
Open-ended gay mirage of itself

Such gay baroque bricolage—
Weaving, swishing, zigzagging

Into a camp repertoire—
An already found gay lifestyle

An unlikely coup d'etat—
Jiving between trope and trouble


Puig and Sarduy subversive scribes—
Using betrayal to translate themselves

Hiding a very serious misdemeanor—
The desire to be deliberately gay

Walking the troublesome tightrope—
Between trashy trope and meaning

Flaunting, jiving, switching signifiers—
Privileging graphic gay Vocables

A continuous Slippage away from—
Heteronormative mainstream Swish

Tightrope and trapeze artists—
Bridging prohibited possibilities

Subversive semantic transgressions—
Deep into labyrinths and lassitudes


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