Monday, December 10, 2012

Kiss of Death


Truman Capote and I were—

Just a couple of the usual
Hardcore queens who got off
On goodlooking str8t trade

I wasn’t ever into rough trade—
Except when Dick wanted to
His mean disfigured sexy face
From a drunk car accident

Richard Avedon captured it—
Dick’s knowing criminal look
How he could flex his nice arms
And make me weak in the knees


Dick had those big sad—

Femme fatale eyes he’d bat
Just for me like some sexy
Fag noir bitch in heat

Sometimes he could be—
Butch and mean but other
Times he made me feel like
A million bucks just for him

I was a pretty good bottom—
For whatever he needed then
He’d whisper some cute chick’s
Name and fuck me real good

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