Monday, December 10, 2012

Driving to Holcomb


Doing the dirty deed—
What a goddamn wild goose
Chase it all was all based on
Floyd Welles’ stupid lies

Afterwards, Dick called it—
Misinformation that’s all
But I just smirked, it was
All just cheap Pulp Fiction

There was no Safe—
With $10,000 in the wall
Just waiting for us to grab
And make a run for it


Miss Capote opines adroitly—
The whole psychiatric spiel
Explaining why we did what
We did, all the reasons why

As if it was some kind of—
Detective Fiction Novel
Easily explained by Prose
Topeka brainy intellectuals

When actually it was all—
My own spontaneous rage
To prove myself to Hickock
I was a real Killer just for him

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