Mildred Pierce


Ann Bylth
Zachary Scott
Lana Turner
Joan Crawford

Ann Bylth

“Veda, I think I’m really seeing
you for the first time in my life,
and you’re cheap and horrible.”
—Joan Crawford in
“Mildred Pierce” (1945)

I ended up, of course—
In a mildewing version
Of Mildred Pierce

Playing a tres bitchy—
Spoiled-rotten slutty
Little tramp like Veda

Putting the make on—
My Mother’s handsome
Slinky second husband

I was such a whore—
Betraying my lovely
Joan Crawford mother

She couldn’t believe it—
When she found me
Sucking off Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott

Once you’ve seen one—
You’ve seen them all
The male gigolo types

Zachary Scott playing—
Monte Beragon getting
Just what he deserved

For calling me just a—
Rotten little tramp
When he was one too

Mommy Dearest—
Played such a simply
Divine Blanche after

I pushed her down—
The stairs in her nice
Little old wheelchair

Lana Turner

One thing’s for sure—
Both Joan Crawford and
Lana Turner were alike

They both had rotten—
Daughters just like me
It was such a shame

Sandra Dee tricked—
With John Gavin in
“Imitation of Life”

Just like mulatto—
Slutty Susan Kohner
Betrayed Juanita Moore

I was no different—
Just a rotten little tramp
Like the other girls

Joan Crawford

Queer Theory Queens—
Are trashing & dishing
Me behind my back

They’re saying I’m—
Either outmoded or
The epitome of camp

I used to be a Diva—
In movies like Whatever
Happened to Baby Jane.

Bette Davis and me—
We were the Queen Bees
Of Hollywood Babylon!!!

Even tho trashy imitators—
Like Faye Dunaway try to
Mime Mommy Dearest

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