Fag Noir


Even though dillinger (1945)—
isn’t listed in the astute alain
silver and elizabeth ward
film noir encyclopedia one
can’t help but look in the
mirror and ask oneself:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall—
who’s the faggiest of them all?
knowing full well the gay rumor
that dillinger the nefarious gangster
had s schlong a foot long and
notoriously the last photo of him
on a cold morgue slab shockingly
gave everybody a good look at
the erect hoodlum’s endowed rod
in all its fag noir glory

that hollywood choice of choosing—
the infamous american criminal
with moody, sullen, troublesome
lawrence tierney was certainly an
act of casting genius worthy of
catching all the matinee mobster
fags bent on getting turned on by
the dillinger big dick legend

one has to ask why the director—
chose faggy elisha cook jr. to be
a part of this mafia gangland orgy
of hollywood size-queens and surely
the only answer can be, guess…


If I were slimy, grease-ball
victor mature, i’d wake up screaming too
especially if faggy laird cregar were
sitting there on the edge of my bed
playing with my big erect boner

as usual chicken-shit elisha cook—
the pimply-faced elevator operator
is just as usual the fall guy just as
faggy and perverse as laird cregar
with his apartment plastered with
photos of the movie’s dead woman

cregar is queer for victor mature—
and when rebuffed wants to get his
usual bitchy revenge. cregar’s
repressed homosexual passion and
desire for the later-on samson and
delilah muscular hunk implicates
mature’s seemingly apparent guilt
by his fag noir association with
miss cregar in his bedroom

disturbing noir shadows coming—
down thru slanting venetian blinds
contrast with the blonde healthy
freshness of bette grable in her
first dramatic role making darkly
gleaming mature seem to make
him seem guilty even tho innocent

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