Baby Jane


Naturally, my dear, I did a one-click buy of "Baby Jane?" from Miss Amazon.

Can't wait to see it. The YouTube clip so tantalizing.

It fits in perfectly with our QT criticism about Miss Halperin. Her Dreary Deary film lit interpretation of "Mildred Pierce" and her pettish, self-destructive milksop about drag not dishing the opposite sex.

Honey, what could be more trashy than Bette or Joan in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" other than this drag version of the original drag version?

Billy Clift such a clever director. And Matthew Martin & J. Conrad Frank such exquiste drag queens.

Now then, all one has to do is convince Clift, Martin & Frank to do a drag version of "Mildred Pierce" to wise-up Miss Halperin's luke-warm version of that classic flick don't you think?

How would such drag queen film crit progress along those lines I wonder?

Well, the nuances for such a drag-transgressive dish will depend I suppose on viewing "Baby Jane?" soon as I get it in the mail for den-den.

Actually, my dear, I think "Baby Jane" is a much more gay classic film for learning "How To Be Gay" than that dreary Mildred spiel. But then, this new drag version of "Baby Jane" opens up all sorts of "Old Queen at the Movies" possibilities in terms of drag cinema QT revisionism, my dear.....

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