In Cold Blood


A Brief History of Kansas
The Super Chief
In Cold Blood (1967)
The Granada
Gothic Americana
Murder Ordained (1987)

A Brief History of Kansas

All the dead Indians—
We made the landscape mean
Then we put our roots down

The Super Chief

When Truman Capote—
And Harper Lee took the
Super Chief to Kansas

Passing thru Emporia—
On their way to Holcomb
The Clutter Murder scene

Pretty little Holcomb—
Such a nice quiet innocent
Kansas farming town

Lots of blood had already—
Drenched the prairie by
Then & more to come

In Cold Blood (1967)

Buying some rope—
At Haines Hardware
To tie up the Clutters

Robert Blake and—
Scott Wilson drove
Thru quiet Emporia

On their way to Holcomb—
To kill the Clutter family
Blowing their brains out

Staying in a motel—
For the trial, Capote
Does a nonfiction novel

He visits the prison—
The appeals drag on and
His novel has ho end

The Granada

When “In Cold Blood”—
Shows at the Granada
Emporians are shocked

How could such a—
Horrible thing happen
In mild-mannered Kansas?

It made Harper Lee’s—
“To Kill a Mockingbird”
Look like a tea party

That dark stark night—
Stopped outside the
Lonely Clutter farmhouse

Talking about the crime—
They were going to commit
Shotgun in the backseat

Gothic Americana

Watching the movie—
There in the Granada
That old film palace

Across from the street—
From the staid limestone
Old Presbyterian church

Was like watching a—
Nightmare version of that
Grant Wood famous painting

“American Gothic” turned—
Into a terrible bloody local
Kansas film noir flick

So much for “The Robe”—
“Demetrios & the Gladiators”
This was Sixties reality

Murder Ordained (1987)

Another shocker—
To the local Kansas faithful
There in little Emporia

The good Reverend of the—
Faith Lutheran Church
Murdered his lovely Wife

Dumped her body off—
Rocky Point Bridge and
Ran her car into the river

He’d fallen in love with—
His slutty church secretary
The cute Lorna Anderson

Cold-blooded murders—
Both in Holcomb & Emporia
The only way to go!!!

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