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Mysterious Skin Job



Mysterious Skin
Missing Time
Alien Romance
Fucking Angel
Ready or Not
Partners in Crime
The Black Hole
Playing Hard to Get
Godzilla Guyz
Bomba Bad Boyz
My Slutty Sister


Mysterious Skin (2004)

"Two boys. One can't
remember. The other
can't forget.”—Scott Heim
Mysterious Skin byline

I thought I’d been abducted—
By strange Aliens in the night 

I couldn’t remember anything—
Except that I was in love

Ronnie was a UFO—
And Unidentified Fuck Object

He fucked me in the Mouth—
All night long and then

When he got tired of that—
He got me in the Other End

Missing Time

“I can't believe
I'm finally getting
out of this fucking
nowhere town!
—Scott Heim
Mysterious Skin

I couldn’t believe it—
That it happened to me

I was finally getting—
Outta fuckin Shitville

When I fell in love—
That’s what happened

When you fall in love—
You fall outta Time

And that’s when—
Missing Time begins

Alien Romance

“I'm corrupting you.
Finally”—Scott Heim,
Mysterious Skin

I  really didn’t know who—
Who was corrupting who

But in the end we were—
Both totally corrupted

Cute cocky Ronnie Slime—
And slimy little me Miss Thing

All I know is it was simply—
“The Day the World Stood Still”

When I saw him in the Nude—
It be “Klaatu Barada Nikto”!!!

Fucking Angel

“You called me your
fucking angel…incognito
boy scout?—Scott Heim
Mysterious Skin

I just simply couldn’t help it—
Falling for a fucking angel

I got weak in the knees—
In Seventh Grade Gym Class

We were Basket Boys—
We took our showers early

Then we’d give the baskets—
Out to the young sweaty mob

Mr. Bow-Wow the Coach—
Queer as a Three Dollar Bill

Ready or Not

“Are you ready?
Here we go.” 
 —Scott Heim
Mysterious Skin

I simply wasn’t ready—
For the End of the World

The End of Shitville—
And everything I knew

How was I to know—
That Ronnie was so Hung

It wasn’t very Pretty—
Made me weak in my knees

The Gawd Awful Thing—
From Another World!!!

Partners in Crime

“If I wasn't queer we would
have ended up having sloppy
teenage sex and getting pregnant,
contributing more fucked-up
unwanted kids to society. But
instead, he became my soulmate.
And... one true partner in crime.” 
—Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin

Lucky I wasn’t a girl—
Even though I felt like one

I had slutty White Trash lips—
And a dirty Trailer Trash mind

I followed him home from school—
Like a fuckin dog famished for it

Getting him two or three times—
Watching American Bandstand

He liked all the pretty petite—
Fuckable Annette Funicello Chicks

The Black Hole

“Trust me. Where
normal people have
 a heart, Neil McCormick
has a bottomless black hole.
And if you don't watch
out, you can fall in and
get lost forever.” 
—Scott Heim,
Mysterious Skin

Ronnie really sucked me in—
Even tho I really sucked him off

I fell for him hook, line & sinker—
He was such a mean nasty stinker

He had a pretty Peyton Place Prick—
That simply just wouldn’t quit

His older brother was a Dealer—
We were stoned all the time

Their parents were divorced so—
Lots of Coors in the Refrigerator!!!

Playing Hard to Get

“You don't have to tell me,
I was infatuated with him
too once. But I know all
Neil's secrets and there's
shit there you don't even
want to know about.”
—Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin

I just simply couldn’t help it—
Getting all that “Love Me Tender”

Squirts, Shots, Wads of it—
Slimy, Quivering Loads of Love

Lovely Facials all over my Puss—
Up my Nose & Between my Eyes

I was Addicted to Ronnie’s Love—
He started playing Hard to Get

The more he played Hard to Get—
The more Desperate for it I got

Godzilla Guyz

“So I just stayed silent
and trying to telepathically
communicate how sorry
I was about what had
happened. And I thought
of all the grief and sadness
and fucked up suffering in
the world, and it made
me want to escape.”
—Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin

Most guys are Telepathic—
But they just don’t know it

The most well-endowed guys—
Have big Clairvoyant Cocks

A sensitive Cocksucker like me—
Is always having Communion

With the cumly Cocky Big Ones—
The Ones that really need it

Ronnie would just simply shrug—
When I cruised other Godzillas



Bomba Bad Boyz

“I hate it when they
look like Tarzan but
sound like Jane.
—Scott Heim
Mysterious Skin

Not all the guyz with big ones—
Were Butchy in bed with me

Some couldn’t wait to flip over—
On their hard stomachs for me

There were a lot of Bomba Boys—
Built like Johnny Sheffield though

And lots of Acquanetta chicks—
Playing sexy hot Leopard Woman

Maria Montez had the hots for—
Any Cobra walking around on 2 legs


My Slutty Sister

“Okay’s a relative term”
—Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin

Pretty soon I got used to it—
Being married to a young Alien

It lasted thru Blowjob Junior High—
All the way thru Fuck Me High School

Nobody ever noticed very much—
Me floating off the ground an inch

It was a Natural High from a simply—
Unnatural Get-Down Gutter-Guy Low

Eventually Ronnie ditched me dirty—
Getting married to my Slutty Sister

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