Court Green Home

“It is the ancient
house of Sir and
Lady Arundel”
—Aurelia Plath,
Letters Home

Lady Arundel was there—
To show Ted and me around

The main house had nine rooms—
A wine cellar and small attic

A great lawn in front leading—
From a wall nine feet high

All one can see from the road—
Is a mysterious thatched roof

There’s a cobblestone court—
A garage once a stable

A cottage with two small rooms—
Once used as the servant’s quarters

There are three acres of land—
All walled in for privacy’s sake

An apple orchard, cheery trees—
Blackberry & raspberry bushes

The land backs onto the church—
An eleventh century gloomy wreck

The graveyard is full of old tombstones—
A Norman spire looms over the dead

Elms with their spidery fingers in the sky—
Tall thick Yews with thick roots down deep

The nearby village is clogged with traffic—
Up and down Market and Exeter Streets

Beyond that is the lush Devon countryside—
And beyond that the beaches are waiting

The climate is mild but rainy, of course—
Sometimes the sun peaks through clouds

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