Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harassed Heathcliff

Harassed Heathcliff

“And I am the cargo
Of a coffin attended by swallows.
And I am the water
Bearing the coffin that will not be silent.”
—Ted Hughes

I kept on being—
Haunted by Heathcliff

All the way to my last
Book of poetry "Ariel"

Ted haunted me—
On the London busses

He skulked thru my—
Uneasy nightly dreams

Taking a bath once—
Testing the water

With my little toe—
BINGO!!! there he was again!

Poor handsome Heathcliff—
Haunting his ex-wife Sylvia

Plus all the Feminists & those—
Lovely Lesbos Libers as well

No wonder Heathcliff—
Was so snotty & snide

Overly sensitive about—
The littlest dyke things

Getting all upset—
Over my “Rabbit Catcher”

As well as “Lesbos”—
For some queer reason

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