Daniel Barkley
Riding Ariel

“Her rigorous intelligence
and determination, her
powerful and demanding
creative drive, require a
certain degree of stamina
from the reader.”
—David Trinidad, “Hidden
in Plain Sight: On Sylvia
Plath's Missing Journals,
Plath Profiles 3 Supplement

Blue dripping drizzle—
Dull green tragic remorse
Dim yellow reflections
A purging, a baptism

Deep breaths and—
Possibility of getting close
To the world of things
And animal solaces

Publishing poetry—
Bitch Queen Arielesque
A blond boy named Ariel
Riding sidesaddle with me

Young juvenile delinquent—
One of a gang of youth out
For Halloween last night
Unrhymed & unreasonable

Wet fresh grey skies—
Dull smoke-purple and
Blunt umber afternoons
A double amazement

His name is Ariel—
The rebirth of my Other
His soul both handsome
And very troublesome

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