Dark Fairy Tale

Dark Fairy Tale

“Your greasy appeal”
—Ted Hughes
“Fairy Tale,”
Birthday Letters

Sixty-nine your magic number—
Sixty-nine once, sixty-nine twice

Assia spread-eagled in bed—
Prick and pussy, pussy and prick

Two snaky Uroboros lovers—
Slithering in & out of each other

I can just imagine them—
Every night the dirty in and out

Assia and her Ogre lover—
Taking all day to recuperate

Fucking each other all night long—
Voodoo embrace beneath the moon

Until finally Ted tripped over—
His own corpse falling downward

Was it worth it, my husband hustler?—
Losing your head over Assia Wevill?

Into her dark-eyed bye-bye abyss—
Slowly squirting your brains out?

Past the wall and hedgerow—
There in St. Peter’s graveyard?

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