—for Ted Hughes

You don’t’ do it, you don’t do it—
Not any more, not any more for me
You’re just a lousy Yorkshire prick
Just another Mytholmroyd mooch
Just another gigolo outta the moors

Big Daddy, I had to kill you—
You died before you could become
A big bag full of shit Poet Laureate
Ghastly glittering Easter Island slab
Xmas present for all the pub whores

Panther, Fox, Pike, Prick—
Right outta some freaky British zoo
Mythologizing your tres boorish manhood
Your haughty Heathcliff meandering meat
It got stuck up there a lot in inside me

I thought you were a train engine—
Your Big Bad Daddy ugly Panzer Prick
Huffing and puffing and pulling me
All the way to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen
Always stuffing my head in some oven

Just call me Madame Sosostris—
After my lovely gipsy auntie ancestress
Like hoity-toity Miss Eliot of Faber & Faber
Doing you at his swanky cocktail part
Such a brand new Bad Boy talented poet!

Naturally Miss Auden is jealous—
But she settles for sloppy seconds
Gobbling your gobbledygook goo
As if it were ambrosia of the godz
How faggots love a butchy fascist!

Especially a Big Bad Brute like you—
Breaking pretty little hearts in two
I used to always think that way too
Thinking you were so very tall & cool
But now I know you’re just a fool

You’d pull it out in the sack—
How I loved it, your rack and your screw
How I said I do, I do, Big Daddy, I do!
Gimme your nice big Mein Kampf Meatloaf
Strangle me like a rabid Rabbit Hunter

The black telephone rings off the hook—
I pull it outta you by the fucking root
You worm your way deep inside me
You turn me upside-down, inside-out
Then you go to the local pub and pout

But Daddy, Daddy, you’re dead now—
I shot you in the head with your shotgun
Fucking Assia there in the graveyard
Court Green spermy Splendor in the Grass
You shot your big wad and then I shot you

I buried your big fat black heart—
Down deep in the dark Devon cemetery
Dancing and stomping over your grave
Big Daddy, Big Daddy, I’m done with you
Big Daddy, Big Daddy, down there in the dirt

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