Specimen Dayz

—for Walt Whitman

Down in the words—mulling around
if i do it at all—i must delay no longer
incongruous—full of skips and jumps
huddle of—verbatim diary-jottings
word-smudged—slate notebook notes

digital memoranda—automatic writings
hurriedly written—here & there
amidst uncertainty—and mortality
action, defeat—getting ready for it
taking notes—of the american tree

all bundled-up—tied to a mere stylus
haunted hour’s command—to write it down
later motifs & bumbles—realpolitic tropes
diary swaps—meandering memorabilia
laidback writing—letting it write itself

one after another—calamus pages
letting the mélange—movement prevail
impromptu, ad lib—lack of any narrative
listening to the other—spontaneous flow
illustrating the phase—writerly existence

chance—rather than planning it all out
finding myself—quite unprepared
hodge-podge lost things—loosely together
letting hurry & crudeness—tell the story
immediate—impromptu commands

which seem now—curiously imperative
even if i don’t—understand now
i’ll send out—a most wayward thing
spontaneous fragmentary—disjointed
somewhat whitmanesque—quickly?

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