This Be Lit Crit

This Be Lit Crit
—for David Orr & Philip Larkin


They fuck you up—the literary critics
They may not mean to—but they do
They fill you with—their fuck-ups
And add some more shit—just for you

But they were—fucked up themselves
By fools in university—English departments
Who half the time—were sloppy-drunks
Bitchy queens—at each other’s throats

The Muse means—misery to critics
It deepens like—a str8t regret
Not outta the closet—stuck with a bunch
Of ugly fucking—Lost Weekend jerks

Lit Crit misery—comes to poets too
It deepens like—a bitchy review
Miss Orr & Miss Logan—NYTimes queens
Dishing dead poets—like Rich & Crane

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