Friday, August 5, 2011

Invaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars

It’s already happened—the Invasion from Mars.

It happened millions of years ago—way back there a long time ago. The way you look at me—the way you touch me. The fire in your eyes—gives me a fever inside. There’s nothing I can do about it—except feel the rush of Snake déjà vu coming back again through you.

When I hold you naked, perfect—so beautiful. You turn me upside-down—you turn me inside-out. When you fill me up with love—I just cross the line. I can never get enough—baby, it’s always overtime.

There’s nothing I can do about it—there’s nothing more I can say about it. Your lizard love is all I want—your reptile romance is all I need. The way you look at me—the way you touch me.

There’s nothing that seems so true—as just being around you. You’re not just a cute naked ape—you’ve been genetically modified so fine. That snake of yours down between your legs—the streamlined genealogy of your Garden of Eden nice big thing.

I know what it’s like—being exiled East of Eden. Every time I go down on you—it’s my own shameful Fall from Eden all over again. The Tower of Babel comes tumbling down—my babbling tongue can’t get enough of you. No wonder poor Eve went for it—I go for it all the time too. Down she went, my little downfall girl.

Zontar from Venus & the Devil Girl from Mars—had their eyes out for humanity’s swanky downfall. When they sent a guy like you—to fuck around with a queer like me. Bad Seed & Bad Biology right up my alley—I’ve always been a Deformity Lover.

The first time you uncoiled it—pulled it slowly outta your pants. I realized then—the game was up. You were Cain & I was Able. You were gonna slay me—every night from then that’s for sure. Mars Needed Women that's okay—but my queer lips needed it bad too.

You had dark kinky Jurassic Park pubes—and a badboy Martian buzzcut look. You had slinky Saturnian hips—and a skanky Venusian bad attitude. Adam and Eve might have been our stupid monkey-brained parents—but you’re the one that had that big awful Plutonian Prick.

It started off—a long time ago. The perversion of Planet Earth—after the Great Cosmic War. You were part of the Enemy Alien black budget—you were genetically designed to counter-attack Earth evolution.

Snakeoid sex & teen Lizard love—that’s what makes you so serpentine & dumb. So smooth, slick & uncut—down there where a million years moans. Pop goes the Weasel!!!—what more can I say? Especially me...and probably you.

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