Operation "Royal Thistle"

Dead Planet LXXXV

Operation "Royal Thistle"

"Make Prince Harry Our King,
Say Canadian Monarchists"


Naturally, I was somewhat shocked by the Yakuza Mob Game Plan so quickly beginning to take on a realistic form there on the Event Horizon.

I barely had time to get my new tuxedo fitted—and my royal wardrobe quickly gathered together for my nefarious quantum jump to Jolly England to meet surreptitiously with the Evil Queen, the BP exec & the greedy Babylon Banksters…

But then all of a sudden—as if to thwart the Yakuza plans for Prince Harry’s ascendancy as Queen Bee to the Royal Throne—there in the headlines was the unexpected brouhaha surrounding the visit of Harry’s brother, Prince William, the heir apparent, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hogging the headlines!!!

Suddenly the Yakuza bosses decided to postpone my Top Secret quantum time-jump into the future—too much was going on now in Canada, that notorious hotbed of radical monarchists & mad Frenchmen moiling about there in Quebec just looking for trouble...

I sat there in the underground Mob bunker—perusing The Telegraph’s scandal-sheet frontpage story from London. Apparently others beside the Yakuza gangsters wanted that handsome red-head Prince Harry to ascend to the Throne!!! Timing was everything—I breathed a sigh of relief, sipping my martini… Thank god…I was granted a much deserved reprieve!!!

The Telegraph 6/28/2011

“Having a head of state who only visits the country every two or three years plays right into the hands of republicans, after all.

But as they prepare for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge later this week, royalists in Canada have come up with a novel solution to the age-old problem: install Prince Harry as their king.

They want the Prince, who is third in line to the throne, to set up home in the capital, Ottawa, to give the Royal family a permanent presence and to silence those who believe the country should have an elected head of state.

Etienne Boisvert, the Quebec provincial spokesman for the Monarchist League of Canada, pointed out that the Royal family was “an institution that knows how to reinvent itself” and believes now may be the right time for a radical change.

“Prince Harry, who has virtually no chance of becoming king, could set himself up here and found a Canadian branch of the Royal family,” he said. “Or the future king could rotate – six months in Canada, six in Australia, six in London.”

Mr Boisvert, as a French-speaking Quebecois, is the exception rather than the rule in a province where most francophones are indifferent to the Royal family and many are openly hostile.”

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