Dead Planet LXIV

Dead Planet LXIV

Fukushima Visitor


A young diplomat—
Now I travel sub-light here
Scifaiku poet

They avert my eyes—
They understand who I am
Time for me stands still


A young commando—
I knew many ruined worlds
See Earth thru sad eyes

I send a report—
Back thru the usual time
Adjustment channels


This planet is lost—
Late capitalism stage
Of development

Zero hour endgame—
Overtaken by dark atomics
Nothing left but screams


Except for a few—
Scifaiku poets who are
Klug Zeitvernichtung

Cinders will result—
An atomics mirror held
Close to their shocked face


A young Earthboy with—
A caged cicada becomes
My focus back home

Speeding on our ship—
Thru the solar dark night sky
Beyond nova bloom


The death of a race—
A rope hanging from heaven
The kid mourns his world

DNA snapshot—
We produce a girlfriend for
Him to find springtime


We erase his mind—
He dreams of another Earth
We program Eden

Beyond a doubt he—
Will fail again like last time
Bad Biology


Ziggurats will fall—
Babble Towers will crumble
Empires come & go

This is how it works—
If you were eternal godz
Then you’d get bored too


Some call us jaded—
Interstellar dilettantes
Planet puppeteers

We speak thru poets—
Online oral traditions
With computers now


Be patient with us—
Our Mirror for Observers
This screen you’re reading

We’re coming thru time—
The clocks are striking thirteen
Childhood’s End is yours…

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