Dead Planet LV

Dead Planet LV

scifaiku poets—
have a long history &
yet we are still new

we renew ourselves—
like a snake shedding its skin
time slithers, you know.

tell your species—
it's time to morph their genie
words & images.

time is serpentine—
coiling uncoiling wordplay
these alien words.

what if i told you—
in the beginning angel

jacob & angel—
a man & an alien
wrestling with wordplay?

living dead undead—
all happening at the same
planetary time.

intertextually one
just an illusion?

seemingly unseemly—
your alien gone brother(s)
returning to you?

tricky business—
writing it down quickly since
time gets elusive.

gone, done/redone—
redoing what’s been unsaid
saying it all new.

one’s thigh & one’s tongue—
spraining, unspraining the words
angel in your tent?

not just here on earth—
but all its doppelgangers
telepathic now…

we the aliens—
wrestling with your dark double
dreamtime scifaiku.

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