Dead Planet XXXVII

Dead Planet XXXVII

“Once the mind and body
are conditioned at a pre-verbal
level, to operate beyond the
assumptions of Aristotelian categories,
and to be aware of the self-reflexive
nature of abstraction, then the mind
is ready to adapt itself to reality as
it is, not as we wish it were.”
—John C. Wright, Null-A
Continuum: Continuing A. E.
van Vogt’s World of Null-A

The kid: “I’m gonna take you somewhere, Rick.”

Rick: “Why, kid? Why not just float here awhile?

The kid: “Ya missed me, huh?”

Rick: “What’d you think, kid?”

The kid: “Oh, I dunno. We gotta get outta Mars pretty soon tho. Know what I mean?”

Rick: “Yeah, I know.”

[Overhead Lizard drones are patrolling Hellas Town night & day. Mopping up the last of the Martian colonialists. The Tower is empty—except for Rick up in the penthouse. His jag-hovercraft ready to take off.]

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