the midnight special

the midnight special

the vidscreen ad says—
pick a droid, any douchedroid
yeah, it’s free today!!!

such a fuckin’ deal—
the bored spacewife says to her
android pet bow-wow

the robot chihuahua—
barks in doggy excitement
gnawing on its bone

chi-chi or cha-cha—
or whatever the fuck it’s
lousy droid name is

the spoiled robo-dog—
needs a boytoy for fun
poor doggie be bored

the more she peruses—
the more excited she gets
neat droid catalog

then bingo bongo—
the midnight special boytoy
just right for quickies

model 666—
trouble on triton big time
what a nice droid trick

built & designed for rough trade
the s & m type

6 feet 10 inches—
a real stud muffin for girlz
his nice martian build

sleek androidicy—
coming in 2 fav flavors
cherry & licorice

albino smooth skin—
pretty boy pink bedroom eyes
6-pack afro abs

the kind of physique—
worth dying for you betcha
right there on the screen

she picks his hair style—
elvis the pelvis jet-black
greaser duck-tail sleek

the bored spacewife smiles—
gently pressing the touch screen
deciding this & that

then when it comes to—
groin size, style, secret passwords
she presses “fuck me now!!!”

french, spanish, english—
amidst grunts & groans, smirks
the male equipage

the viola button—
immediately the droid
gets teleported

into her bedroom—
materializing young droid
uncut, douchebag boy

in time for dinner—
in fact, he is the dinner
handsome stud du jour

but first a quickie—
a leisurely fuck in bed
spacewife’s gigolo

then plop!!! on the plate—
served nude on a tv tray
droid penis deluxe

a dainty morsel—
more tasty then caviar
rude vichyssoise

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