The Banker’s Fate

The Banker’s Fate
—for Lewis Carroll

They bailed us out with itsy-bitsy Thimbles—
They gobbled us up with knives and forks
Swanky suburbs foreclosed into empty ruins—
Mobs flooding stadiums for doctors & dentists

And the Bankers inspired with more money—
Printed in haste by inky-fingered Bureaucrats
Proudly pointed to the new Stimulus agenda—
Surging forward like the troops in Snarkestan

Rushing madly ahead and lost in the jungle—
In their zeal to discover the Snark’s hideaway
Seeking it with Thimbles and great care—
Hoping for economic recovery way out there

But suddenly a Bandersnatch swiftly flew near—
Snatching the amazed Banker shrieking in fear
He offered it a large discount—offering it a check
Worth $1,000,000 even though it would bounce

But the Bandersnatch merely laughed at him—
Biting the Banker on the ass most frumiously
Savagely snapping at his suspenders & drawers
Until finally the nude Banker croaked to the floor

The Bandersnatch then went after the others—
The Baker, the Beaver and the Barrister too
It was then the Bellman called for a retreat—
“We’ve been snarked," he said tolling his bell.

The Banker’s face was a frightful thing to see—
Usually as happy as any Mr. Green could be
But now black in the face like the depths of hell—
Losing any likeness to Bankers and Tellers

To the horror of the Barrister and other boyz—
The Banker began channeling a Treasury Trance
Like some famous whorish Parisian clairvoyante—
His tongue lisping interest rates incessantly

Down on his knees, the Banker went Boojum—
Starting to chant the most mimsiest hocum
Proving his utter insanity with lewd inanity—
Rolling dice and prognosticating the future

“Leave the Banker here—it’s too late, too late,”—
The Barrister exclaimed in a fitful fright
“We’ve wasted the day—quick without delay!!!
Or we sha’nt catch that Snarke this day!!!

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