The Movies

The Movies

“Can she make me forgive…”
—Arthur Rimbaud, “Anguish,”
A Season in Hell

Can movies—make me forgive
My constantly—defeated ambitions?

Can Lana Turner—look down on me
Matinee queen—dispelling ages of misery?

Can a Late Show—with Peter Lorre
Dissolve the shame—of my failed life?

Can my filmic youth—be somehow restored
By silver screen icons—of the Fifties?

Can Alan Ladd—moody gunman Shane
Return me—from my fall from grace?

Can Hollywood—be another way of being
More amusing—than what I expected?

Can Marlene Dietrich—kiss the dying air
Sighing in the—murderous silence?

When Humphrey Bogart—pistol-whips me
Why do I take it—and tell him I want more?

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