Cinema Zutique

Cinema Zutique

“O Lilies! O Garden swing!
O silver Enema bags!!!”
—Arthur Rimbaud
“Lilies,” Album Zutique


Sad queen—done in
By butch—rough trade
She falls—and sprawls
Showing some—nice leg

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Two sick—young fruits
A pair of—big black boots
Quick licks—then kicks!!!

Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

In Papal Rome—Vivien Leigh
Parties with the—Fast Lane
Every night—Italian boyz
Full of hot—jizzmatic snuff

Night of the Iguana

Ava Gardner—has two boyz
Each with a—nice scaly iguana
She pets nightly—in hammocks
Beneath a humid—full moon

Mysterious Skin

Whitewashed—white trash
Bored kid—in the trailer park
Eating lots of—black licorice
His shit—looks like dirty blood

Gone With the Wind

O Dixie Land—Scarlet O’Hara
Distaining all—the young dudes
In favor of—a more experienced
Descent of Vaseline—from heaven

Summer and Smoke

Summer night—by the fountain
Cheap cigars—traveling salesman
Earl Holliman—puffing away
Geraldine Page—ankles in the air

The Haunting

With my bedside books—helping to
Haunt me nightly—Lovecraftian
Black and white—Nightmare noir
Meandering dark mansion—mine


Taking the 107—downtown
The Samoan kid—falling asleep
Leaning his head—on my shoulder
All the way to Seattle—Polynesia


I’d probably prefer—Rick’s Place
Full of Frenchmen—escaping Paris
Sitting at a back table—sipping
Absinthe with—Peter Lorre

The Last Picture Show

Ben Johnson—says goodbye
The No Tell Motel—finally closes
The last movie—at the Royal Theater
Gone Odéon—from another era


Cate Blanchett—haughty queen
Amidst a court—of gawking eyes
Performing—for her compatriots
Sneering at—neat black Spaniards

Midnight Cowboy

The young cowboy—newly arrived
In New York Times Square—soon
Finds out that—there’s more to life
Than washing dishes—in Dallas

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I howled at the moon—too much
The woods—drapes of the night
The Gypsy life—appealed to me
You see—I had this certain habit

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Afterwards—I asked him where
He’d like to have—breakfast and
He said—I’d like to have breakfast
At Tiffany’s—such butch naiveté

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Big Daddy—dying of rectal cancer
Big Daddy’s son—reluctant husband
Mourning over—Skipper & his past
Elizabeth Taylor—not giving up

House on Haunted Hill

O seasons—O haunted châteaus
Vincent Price—Last Man on Earth
Where are you—when I need you
Movies blow—my words away!!!

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