Zontar—The Thing From Venus (1966)

Zontar—The Thing From Venus (1966)

I’ve got the hots—for male femmes fatales
I know I’m doomed—but I can’t help it
Especially skanky male—dominatrix types

Lee Van Cleef—in It Conquered the World
Zachary Scott—in Mildred Pierce and
Jack Palance—in Panic in the Streets

I’ve got this weakness—for long lanky ones
The kind that cheat—and treat you cheap
They’re the worst kind—Tall Evil Meat

Worse than Jane Greer—Out of the Past
Barbara Stanwyck—in Double Indemnity
Tacky Ann Savage—in awful Detour

Sneaky as Joan Bennett—Scarlett Street
Sultry as Ava Gardner—in The Killers
Crazy as Peggy Cummins—Gun Crazy

Moody as Marilyn Monroe—in Niagara
Seductive as—Kim Novak in Vertigo
Fey as Faye Dunaway—in Chinatown

The List—goes on and on forever
As long as there’s—men who are suckers
Suckers to be had—like you and me

We’re all a bunch—of sick losers
Falling for Bad Seed—those awful
Young male femmes fatales!!!

I feel sorry for—Zontar Thing from Venus
Falling head over heels—for Lee Van Cleef
Earthmen aren’t easy—they come awfully hard

The same with psychopaths—like Jack Palance
I feel sorry for poor Tommy Cook—enamored
With tall lean white trash—Big Easy hoodlums

Guys like Zachary Scott—betraying women
Like Joan Crawford—going after Ann Blythe
The cute daughter—simply despicable!!!

What is it about—male femmes fatales?
Bringing out the worst—in the best of us?
Is it really worth it—to be whorishly in love?

Only to be dumped—like poor Zontar
The Thing from Venus—enslaved & cruelly
Exsanguinated—in Cold Blood!!!

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