Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schwarzenegger in Mukluk Drag

Schwarzenegger in Mukluk Drag

No Ugg!!! Mukluk Best For Political Season!!!

No, this isn't an exercise in bad imitations of Native American or Eskimo Fashion Design and Haute Couture. But it may be a nod to their Style.


Touting the Mukluk boots as the newest Alaskan Campaign fashion, the uber-trendy Arnold Schwarzenegger seems all but ready to charm the entire Ugg Population of Alaska to become the first President of the new Offshore Republic—Pacifica.

How exhausting it is to keep up with the trends!!! But the Governator of California—former champion weightlifter and Hollywood movie star—knows how important it is to win the Alaska voters. Governor Schwarzenegger wants to be Pacifica POTUS really bad—the Ugg voters have a friend with the charming goodlooking Schwarzenegger who isn’t bashful about showing a little leg to be El Presidente.

Ugg voters are usually unfashionable in their various mukluk footwear—but recently a pair of coyote mukluks worn by Schwarzenegger at the Fairbanks YMCA drew rave reviews from the usual stoic Indian and Fisherman community. Ears pricked up—when the CA Governator pushed the idea of—the powerful Pacific Wedge of California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska joining together to form a new West Coast Republic.

What better way to stir up publicity and add a little flair to the new concept—than to wear Mukluk boots in the nude and boogie in the igloos with the new generation of Eskimos, Fishermen, Slackers, Hippies and other Pacifica proletariat bent on secession from the Beltway DC Queens back east.

What a dilemma!!! How can lobbyists buy-off a new generation of Mukluk-booted white trash rowdies—when they have everything they already want? Naturally earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and perfect waves lapping the edge of the Gulf of Alaska are demonstrating their approval for the Election of—President Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new Mukluk Major Duomo of the Known Universe!!!

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