The Palin Dynasty (2008-2012)

The Palin Dynasty (2008-2012)

“A perfect plagiarism—
everything is old & new
only the imagination—
is undeceived”
—William Carlos Williams
Spring and All

Once upon a time—Alaska
Was a different country not just
Another State—above the 48
Known as—USA Inc

Long before—California said
Bye-bye—seceding from the
Union—Arnold Schwarzenegger
At the helm—Governator

Alaska—noble Land of the
Midnight Sun—and Black Oil
Poised like a—perfect Iceberg
Nine-tenths—below the waves

Down deep—frigid waters
Gulf of Alaska—undulating
From Anchorage—to Nome
Yellow Knife—to Tokyo!!!

While the—Second Great Depression
Raging down below—in the USA
Götterdämmerung Wall Street greasers
Doomed—once again by greed

Up North—in Eskimo Country
The Palin Dynasty—ruled the
Northern Lights—Midnight Sun
Palin and Power = Black Gold

Schadenfreude —Fig Leaves
Film noir—Beltway gangsters
Tricky Dickie—Watergate
Pushy Ponzi—Weltanschauungs

Alaska as—The Big Enchilada
Encompassing—the Last Wilds
Of the Human Imagination
What’s it mean—to be Free?

The Palin Dynasty—Trailer Trash
Century—making it truly happen
Bridging East—and West!!!

Bristol’s son—Trig becoming the
New Emperor—White Trash King
Guiding the Imperial—Stryker legions
Vladivostok (Владивосток)—Victory!!!

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