Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Filmography

Our Filmography

“and the Oscar-winning
movie in your heart”
—Carol Ann Duffy
“Art,” Rapture

Only films now—our filmography
Filmscripts, Netflix—images
Captured in—chilling celluloid
But even now—that’s outdated too
Fizzled VHS—like Miss Havisham’s
Wedding cake—rotting on the table

Old film palaces—bright marquees
Dark mysterious balconies—curtains
And staircases—graced with fine
Red velvet—brass railings, ushers
In smart uniforms—guiding us with
Flashlights—to an empty seat

More like the passion—of grande
Opera—those huge theaters we left
Applause, utter darkness, classy
Excitement—echoes that we left
Replaced by TV—teenage drive-ins
And now—home entertainment

Hollywood Oscar-winning movies—
Ancient projection booths—smooching
In the Bijou balcony—sometimes the
Only choice left for life’s unrequited
Loves and rejections—sitting alone
Letting Bette Davis—console us

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