The Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

The Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

George Zucco—loves to play
Egyptian priests—cooking the
Ancient evil tana leaves—and
Stirring up mischief in America
Thanks to the charms of kinky
Egyptian unrequited love

Tom Tyler AKA Captain Marvel—
First Kharis of the Mummy films
All wrapped up in rotten bandages
With the hots for Peggy Moran—
The Mummy’s Hand-Job (1940)
Flashback footage from Karloff

Then The Mummy’s Tomb with
Turhan Bey and Lon Chaney
Zucco by now—an old queen
In the last of his—three Mummy
Movies in a row—“Ghost,” “Hand”
And “Tomb”—sending off his

Various Kharis clones—in search
Of young stuff—to moisten and
Mildew—the dried-up bandages
Of ancient Egyptian centuries—
And to liven-up poor desiccated
Kharis’ dry old cursed cock

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