Bayliner Boy

Bayliner Boy

“If you think
till it hurts”
—Carol Ann Duffy
Mean Time

If you don’t think—
About it, then it’s easy
Floating out there in the
Middle of Andrews Bay
In the heart of what
Doesn’t happen

Each day—the kid
In the cabana wakes up
And takes me for a ride
Past the rich real estate
Mansions of Mercer Island—
But I’m wealthier…

Past the putrid odors—
Streaming down from the
Fish Hatchery into the lake
The smell of Mother Nature—
Young Captain Nemo of my
Little Nautilus—he smells too

The Bayliner boy drives—
Nude past the Gates bunker
In Medina—the sun shining
Down on his back as I lounge
In the backseat—gone waves
Jetsam & flotsam behind us

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