Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Wolf Boy

The Wolf Boy

“The Allegory of the Wolf Boy”
originates in a remembered
story by Saki. His real name
was H. H. Munro. He wrote a
story about a werewolf who
was a boy.”—Thom Gunn,
Outside the Lines: Talking with
Contemporary Gay Poets

A wolfish Double—that’s my Story
Boss Cupid—my werewolf Other
Devious master—of Darke Woode
Ask the Gypsy—Maria Ouspenskya

My body insisted—on Wolfishness
Having been—promised Love
And my mind—insisted on Howling
Having been promised—Imagination

Whoever is bitten—by a Werewolf
And lives—becomes a Werewolf Boy
Bela Lugosi—bit me bad one night
Maleva knew—I was Wolfboy then

Even a boy who’s—pure in heart
And says his prayers—late at night
May become a Wolf—when Wolfbane
Blooms and—the Moon is bright

The way I walked—was a thorny Path
Through no fault—of my own Choice
But as the rain—enters the soil and the
River enters the sea—so my Tears ran

Down to my predestined end—the Danube
The Rhine—the Seine, the Volga until
My suffering would be over—joining Bela
My Father—Evelyn Ankers my Mother

So that Claude Rains—ranted on & on
About the Gypsy Woman—filling my mind
With gibberish—werewolves & pentagrams
Superstitious—lycanthropic sexuality!!!

I learned fast—werewolf mythology in
The moody moonlit—evenings of boyish
Bijou Lust—and Universal horror flick
Homosexuality—in Wolfboy’s body

Werewolf adolescence—I deserved it
All that wolfish chemistry—doing me in
Exuding Big Bad Wolf—butchy orgones
My leather jacket—my motorcycle boots

Foggy SF nights—haunting the Castro
Cruising Pacific Heights—gothic mansions
Tourists by day—Lycanthropy by night
Sense of male mystery—sharp teeth!!!

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