Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

“Hm, what right
do I have to
think, huh?”
—Peter Lorre, Casablanca

I never was very—good at it
Being noble—like Bogart
It seems like—I’ve always been

The Peter Lorre type—despicable
I told Rick—after tonight that
I’d be finally—leaving Casablanca

Rick asked me—who I bribed?
Renault or myself—naturally myself
Because I found myself—so easy

Actually—I was in love with Bogart
“When you’re slapped—you’ll take it
And like it!!!”—it still gives me chills…

Bogart always had—a smooth
Explanation—for everything that
Happened—handsome Sam Spade

I bungled it—The Maltese Falcon
I was an imbecile—a child idiot
I got typecast—playing myself…

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