The Mandelbrot Entrepreneur

The Mandelbrot Entrepreneur
—for Alice Fulton

It takes verve—this tripping down
Through the—Mandelbrot Sea
Of debris—with eyes peeled for the
Continuously downward—descent

Virtual seashores—copper green
Fractal blossoms—stained glass
Frost crystals—suspended in time
Frozen pirouettes—on glass

These artificial lines—divagations
See how invisible—cherubs are
Abandoning us—as we descend
Further into flotsam—and jetsam

Occasionally—we freeze-frame it
The gargoyles blur—and our wonder
Pressures our gaze—inward
Offshore blues—neo-green shores

How long have—these catacombs
Waited patiently—for us to discover
Who locked them—within cleaved
Warehouse walls—sliding doors?

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