From The Tempest

From The Tempest

“flaunting veils, roses
fans—their juicy lives”
—Alice Fulton, “From Our
Mary to Me,” Dance script
with electric ballerina

As a boy—Caliban liked fairytales
Usually about—Little Red Riding Hood
Getting eaten up—by a big bad Wolf
Or Snow White—getting laid by the
Seven ugly little Dwarfs—and so forth

He liked to haunt mangy—insane asylums
Listening to wild-eyed strangers—tell stories
About pretty boyz with—blue-black hair
And skin white as lace—with blue-suede
Shoes and pouty—orphanesque looks

He liked Smith girls with—nothing to lose
Wild daring—like Ariel & Sylvia Plath
Flaunting his Valentino—profile and
Seducing cuties—with chocolate sweeties

Then Caliban—got seduced into the Net
The Blogosphere—opening up like a Deep
Sea Clam—the Pearl of Online Wisdom
Becoming his truly snarky Doppelganger

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