Fractoid Utopias

Fractal Utopias

“Utopia has always
been a political issue,
an unusual destiny
for a literary form”
—Fredric Jameson,
Archaeologies of the Future:
The Desire Called Utopia and
Other Science Fictions

The fractal thrill—of Descent
Potential illumination—versus
Potential demise—Dissolution

Every abyss—has an undertow
Returning—leaving behind
Jetsam and flotsam—onshore

Mayan glyphs—canoeing fast
Plumed serpents—Indian rowers
The gods—with octopodal eyes

The effect—on the Poetic Line
The Mandelbrot—Rush Hour
The Fractoid—science-fiction line

After awhile—Fractoid Artifacts
Become—Elephant Graveyards
Mammoths—frozen librarial vaults

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