Tuesday, June 23, 2009

À rebours américaine

À rebours américaine

“I write for myself—
and others”—Gertrude Stein,
The Making of Americans

I’m not like—Gertrude Stein
I write for myself—fuck the others

The Making of Gay Americans—much
Too long, my dears—may I suggest

“Lifting Belly”—with your cute lover
Mister Skein—or lovely Master Furr?

Then there’s always, of course—
Patriarchal poetry—big yawn amour

Altho things seem to be looking up—
Two Lesbos poet laureates—my dears!!!

Dykes on Bikes—Sapphic muses
So far—Carol Ann Duffy my fav

Thumbing thru—The World’s Wife
Chatting with—moody Miss Medusa

Schmoozing with—Lady Lazarus
“Miss Myth Reversals”—so very camp

All it takes is—a little gender-fuck
Plus Twanking your—Magic Twanger

It’s easy as—American Pie, honey
Slice it dice it—anyway you want to

No more crumbs—under the table
Rebours Américaine—psychic, baby!!!

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