Sunday, May 24, 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

“SEATTLE (AP)—A teacher
who became notorious in
the 1990s for having an
affair with a sixth-grader
is hosting a "Hot for Teacher"
night at a Seattle bar—along
with the former student,
now her husband.”
—The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
May 22, 2009

Oh Romeo—young Romeo!!!
Boy Adonis—of the Sixth grade!!!
Wherefore art thou—in the backseat?

Vili Fualaau—exquisite chicken on the sofa
Doing homework—with your lovely teacher
Mary Kay Letourneau—who loved you so

Like Leonardo DeCaprio—and Claire Danes
Updating Shakespeare—to hip modern Verona
Classic story of Romeo & Juliet—here in Seattle

You had to hide—your love from the world
Because you knew—it was terribly taboo
Like the Montagues—and feuding Capulets

Mary Kay Letourneau—and Vili Fualaau
Star-crossed lovers—infamous romance
All these years later—your love still lasts

Married in 2005—with two daughters
Vili as DJ—at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats
Mary Kay smiling—“Hot for Teacher” Night

After all the hubbub—and recriminations
Tybalt jealous cousin—gone with Mercutio
This Polynesian love-story—what to say?

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