Saturday, May 9, 2009

Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell

“Scarcely a book at all…
as though somebody had
knocked out a window
pane on a brilliant night”
—Robert Penn Warren,
Ariel, dust jacket blurb

Robert Lowell—stumbles too
Gushing breathlessly—about her
In the Foreword—“her art’s
Immortality—life’s disintegration”

That her—confessional poems
Were controlled—hallucinations
The Autobiography—of a fever
Her macabre gaiety—a cauldron

Abrupt and defiant—pissed-off
Ditched by her—husband lover
For another woman—no wonder
Her anger was—so articulate

Plath’s poetry—isn’t poetry
It’s not a life—nor literary career
Her poems—tell the story that
Being a poet—just isn’t worth it

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