Liberace Contest Winner

Liberace Contest Winner

“Lotto Queen arrives in
Las Vegas by Leer Jet”
—The LA Times

The Strip—may sparkle
And the Neon—may shine
But nowhere—in Las Vegas
Does Exuberance—glow
Like Liberace—The Divine!!!

The Keyboard—Temple
At Liberace Plaza—there on
Tropicana Avenue—with its
Pink neon—Grand Piano
Lighting up—the Night Sky!!!

The Piano Gallery—his Altar
A rhinestone-encrusted Baldwin
Grand—a hand-painted Pleyel
George Gershwin’s—Chickering
Grand—18 rare antique pianos!!!

Liberace’s famous—sequined
Costumes—feathered capes and
Furs in the—remarkable lavish
Liberace—Costume Gallery

His incredible—rhinestone-lined
Full-length—Black Diamond Mink
Cape—and lovely “King Neptune”
Costume—with infamous red
White and blue hot pants suit!!!

The Thrill of a Lifetime—awaits you
Chauffeured in Liberace’s—mirrored
Convertible—Elvis & you out for a
Midnight cruise—on the Strip!!!

To say nothing of—a perfect evening
Spent in Liberace’s—master bedroom
With Elvis the Pelvis—between silk
Sheets—on a nice Louis XV bed plus
A comfy—Czar Nicholas commode!!!!

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