Monday, May 4, 2009

Handsome Caliban

Handsome Caliban

“The thing about Ted is
that he’s a terrifically
attractive man.”
—Al Alvarez
The Silent Woman

Ted Hughes—oozing Androgyny
From every pore—of his exquistely
Masculine physique—handsome face
Dangerous—one woman said
Like Jack Palance—slithering around
As the sultry gunshooter—in Shane

Another woman friend—of Al Alvarez
Said she had such a—strong sexual
Reaction to the—Mytholmroyd hunk
With his brooding—moody goodlooks
That she had to—run for the bathroom
And vomit from—being so turned on

Al Alvarez—seemed turned on too
Saying that Hughes—was the kind of
Pouty stud who—went through swaths
Of women like—a guy harvesting corn
Which only means to me—that Alvarez
Like many men—were drawn to him too

What is it about—androgynous men
Like Ted Hughes—attracting not only
Women—but seducing men as well
Like T.S. Eliot—and Stephen Spender
Flaunting an uncanny—haunting
Adonis-Calaban—male beauty?

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