“It was a queer
sultry summer,
the summer they
electrocuted the
—Sylvia Plath
The Bell Jar

Zap me—baby!!!
Turn up—the juice!!!
Burn all—my nerves
From the tip—of my toes
To my—bulging eyeballs!!!

I confess—I confess!!!
I’m having—the time
Of my life—how I love
Dancing—the SM Tango!!!
Oh!!!—Guantánamo Bay!!!

I’ll try—to do better
Standing still—on top
Of this—cardboard box
With German Shepherds
Biting my—little ass!!!

How I love—to confess
It’s the—only way to go
Pardon me—pissing my pants
Electro-Love—turns me on!!!
Oh Al Ghraib—mon amour!!!

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